Octojack is a multi-device controller (for steppers, DC motors, solenoids, servos, LEDs, GPIO, etc) for easy experimental prototyping (e.g. animal behavioral paradigms). It's centered around a Teensy microcontroller, and can perform many of the functions of far more expensive NI DAQ boards.


Hardware (rails, optics, PCBs) and software (C++, Labview) to build a fully automated low-magnification (~4x) brightfield/fluorescence microscope for about $3000. Uses hardware predominantly from Thorlabs and OpenBuilds. Software, while general, is somewhat tailored towards tracking small organisms, especially C. elegans.


We developed an inexpensive ($200 USD), yet precise electrical stimulator for neuroscience. Stimjim features two isolated outputs capable of both current and voltage control with microamp/millivolt resolution and microsecond temporal resolution. This device is now being distributed by labmaker and open-ephys.